Thread Lift

Renew your skin in 15 minutes


Dr. Harris offers the 15-minute, in office thread lift from Nova Thread. Dissolvable Polydioxanone threads have been completely redesigned in the last 5 years and now are the treatment of choice for sagging, loose skin in the lower face, jaw and chin. These threads are synthetic, absorbable polydioxanone (PDO) sutures that are used in cardiothoracic surgery. It is a very safe material to be implanted in the body, and it will reabsorb completely over 4 to 6 months after placement and won’t leave any scar tissue behind.


The PDO thread procedure works by first stimulating inflammation right after the threads have been placed. Inflammation and swelling are a good thing in this case! It is stimulating the skin and tissue to respond and heal- building collagen and increasing the strength and structure of the skin afterward.

There are 2 types of procedures that can be performed with these threads:

  • The first one uses smooth or twisted threads that create subtle volume and a mesh type effect under the skin. This serves as a foundation for a collagen under the skin to build back natural looking volume. This is used in the 11’s, upper lip area/smoker’s lines, cheek hollows, chin and neck.

The other use for the threads is a lifting procedure using barbs. These attach to the dermis of the skin and can lift sagging areas like the jowls, lower face and neck. They create instant skin repositioning and stimulate collagen to improve the overall look even after the procedure is finished.

A Typical Appointment

We start with numbing the area and depending on what area is being treated that will be topical or injectable lidocaine. Threads are then placed under the skin and will be pulled in the desired direction and cut so there will be no visible portion of the thread left. Length of the procedure depends on the number of areas treated and number of threads required, but generally 30 minutes to an hour. Typically, patients have very little pain in the neck area, but the jawline and mid/low face are more tender.

Afterwards patients can expect swelling and bruising up to 2 weeks. The small holes where the threads were inserted heal up within a few days to a week. No exercise or jumping up and down for at least 2 weeks after the procedure to give the threads time to heal in the skin. Touch ups and re-treatments are expected, depending on the severity of laxity in the skin.

If you have questions or would like to book this procedure, call the office at 928-277-7414.