Hi Kim,

I’m posting as an example for your new blog. You can edit content and add pictures within this editor. On the right hand panel under “Publish”, you can publish blog posts, schedule posts to publish at a future date, and change blog posts back and forth between drafts and published.

In the Categories section on the right, you can assign a category or multiple categories to this post. Your users can also sort by these categories if we add a sidebar to your main blog page.

In the “Featured Image” section on the right, you can upload the image you’d like to appear on your main blog page for a specific post. This image should also appear if you share the post on social media.

Once you’re done reading this, feel free to delete it from the “Posts > All Posts” on the left, rest your mouse on the post, and click the red “Trash”. Or, make it a draft from the panel on the right to keep this for reference without it showing on your blog page.